Apr 10, 2010

Daily horoscope?...This EARLY morning!

The compassionate Pisces Moon softens the boundaries between individuals, challenging us to separate our emotions from what we pick up on from our invironment. A magical Mercury-Neptune quintile turns the volume to a higher level on our fantasies, tempting us to transform them into reality. But meanwhile, an anxious quincunx between assertive Mars and ruthless Pluto makes it tough to know how force full we should be as we attempt to make our dreams come true. ...

You may have big ideas about what you want to do later this year, but there seems to be so many potential obstacles now that you are tempted to give up before you even start your journey. If you are considering an educational opportunity, delay making your final decision until your current negativity passes. There's no reason to force the issue right away.

!?!?...The first part of this astrological view makes complete sense...Last night turned out to be amazing and fun;experimental. The second is odd to me; I've always been taught to have a goal and achieve it. The world doesn't need any more procrastinators! Why should I be waiting; What am I waiting for. This flip flop of ideals is not what I need right now universe!

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