Jul 28, 2013

This is how I feel right now.
             Let's go to work! lol

Pic credit: Ken Allen

Jul 17, 2013

Happy 60 days of sobriety
Our little town is being some what threatened by this wild fire that started this last Monday afternoon. A "mandatory" evacuation was called out today while I was in Hemet. A simple trip to Hemet turned into a whirlwind of constant sounds coming from my phone- why I gave almost everyone a personalized tone, I don't know. I  couldn't even answer one with a simple yes or no before another text or call came       rolling in- interrupting. The police finally allowed me up so I could pack                  (after talking to my Dad!)~Thank You.  
This fire also ruined yesterday's photo shoot I had set with David Paquette.
We were going to be shooting around... there.  
~19000 acres burned, destroyed mobile homes, 15% CONTAINED, heading towards...me.

Jul 15, 2013

                                         Mmmm.... fresh from our garden.

                                                Who's ready for dinner?

I am to test my thinking by the new God-consciousness within; a growth upon a foundation of complete willingness. 
My willingness is as proportional to the amount of arrows in my ass; which is as proportional to my humiliation. 
Photo Credit: Sven Ellirand 
~`~All which I do not seek, yet have fallen upon~`~ 

         Is not our age characterized by the ease with which we discard old ideas for new, by the complete readiness with which we throw away the theory which does not work for something new which does? 

Material well-being always followed spiritual progress; it never preceded.
           My babies haven't bloomed in five years... Maybe they were waiting for sobriety, too.

                                                                                                                                                                         Alcohol is a disease of carried isolation. It engulfs you in a cloud of dark pins and needles. Until hidden disaster shows face, one stays in ignorant bliss.  
            The light eventually emerges, unexpectedly at the necessary  time. True colors show and your waken by realism. ~My new life has blossomed.