May 25, 2014

Credits: Sven Ellirand
   To all of my dear future collaborators: I'll be in Cali this week. I'll be back in Arizona around the 2nd.

~ We will start setting up shoots then.

May 19, 2014

Credits: Sven Ellirand
“If you can be, be. If not, cheer up and go on about other people’s business, doing and undoing unto others till you drop.” ~ e.e. cumings 

Wednesday- photoshoot~ This should be something new and excitingly different.
I have seven months of sobriety… This month could be a year celebration. But it’s not. I chose to take that drink last summer and I am exactly where I'm supposed to be.  I don't like to put blame on others for this disease. That would be like moving to LA and chain smoking and blaming God for the gift of cancer. You can chose to play the victim role or you can chose to accept and acknowledge  and… fix it ~That’s the path I have chosen. I’m the problem, not alcohol. I need to fix me. Simple.
Credits: Sven Ellirand

May 15, 2014

Albert Camus~ 
    The absurd is born of the confrontation between the human call and the unreasonable silence of the world.

May 13, 2014

A woman committed suicide at our hotel Thursday night. She was found in the bathtub;overdosed on pain pills.The rumors between co-workers are endless. But she made it known she was fighting with her husband. ~We make courtesy calls to every guest shortly after their check-in to insure quality.           She left us with this. 

             Five years ago to this month there was another suicide at this hotel, same room-141. 

May 12, 2014

Pic Credit: Sven Ellirand 
I don’t understand what’s so seductive about being a victim. We brace the sense of being a victim almost to the extent that it blinds us to the pain of others. It’s like a suit of clothes that’s so comfortable today!    
I had flowers delivered to her and sent a Mother's Day card... of course it made her cry.  

I don't remember Mother's Day last year.

My mom tells me about Mother's Day dinner with the family... My brother-n-law's dad was watching a documentary about the Aztec Tribe on the history channel.  They were educated on the origin of my ancestors last night. 

This is embarrassing... 

Brother-n-law's dad... "You mean to tell me the Aztecs didn't originate in Mexico!?"    

And not to mention she "proof read" my college paper on our ancestors for an archeology class a couple of years ago.


                                                                                                   ~just south of Flagstaff  last winter.                                              

May 1, 2014

Helen Keller was once asked if it was difficult to go through life without eyesight. 
                                                                       Her response: "It would be if I had no vision."