Jan 10, 2010

What is this lion smoking!?!? ...This was from my PG Vegas trip for my birthday at the MGM Grand. When I was there about ten years ago the show case was with white tigers, beautiful! This however, was lazy and boring. These two mates just lay around all day, except when they moved closer towards each other for comfort. The tiny movements they made had everyone watching in awe..SERIOUSLY? Go to Africa if you wanna see some lions interact!...you're in Vegas and you spend your time watching lions when there is so much more going on outside!!!? I snapped a few shots and got the fuck out of that stupidity. I wish I have had the courage to shoot the expressions on the people's face who were standing around the exhibit. The sad part is...this was one of my highlights of the vaca. SAD! I need to go back with some fun loving people.

Jan 8, 2010

Kiss me...so I can bite you! Sry, I just love you so much. (my cat taught me how to show affection) LOL... I've had this pretty kitty for five years now and the only affection he shows towards anyone is with a bite.
My love was at my house the other night and I hear an "OWE, he bit me." I kinda laughed and replyed with, he loves you.

Jan 6, 2010

where did you go, my friend?...I guess we were never that close. We were only inseparable for 4 months. then she got a boyfriend. So, basically I was only her temporary entertainment. She cornered me at my birthday bash and started balling to me about how much she missed me and that everything she saw or did reminded her of me...So why aren't u here? This happened on the second night of my birthday weekend(I had to work that night and got to come home to this!?!?) at one point during her cry fest I look over to see an empty bottle of JD on the counter...OOOOH! She's drunk! Muah.
DROP IT...smile.
Life has been more calm these past few days without his negative phone calls (and his random rage that he would take out on my love) Why was I keeping him in my life at all. Our talks would be purely of our 'new found' friendship, and then he goes and pulls stunts like that!?!? ...Just holding on to something that was there. Let Go Of The Past. Enjoy the present and the new life that's beginning. I know I Have been! This year will be the best yet. I'm keeping myself full of journeys:new places and new faces and best of all, sharing it with Him.

Happy Belated New Years!!!

Went out with one and woke up with three on my couch...and not speaking of just the bottles!