Feb 22, 2012

The One and only Valentine's Day Card...

You'll always be my little girl,
that's never gonna change.
Well, I can't always tie your shoes-
    that might be kinda strange... 
And I can't hold your hand forever,
but it's hard to let it go.
And I can't fix all your mistakes
     because you'll learn from someone-
                      I know.
I have to let you spread your wings and reach for the sky.
And though I worry you might fall,
I love to watch you fly.
But just remember one thing, because it's always true-
No matter what the future holds, 
I'm always here for you. 

                                                       I Love You
                                              Happy Valentine's Day 



Last Sunday I played with a new developing process with Dan Dozer. It was more fun than other 'dark room' projects because he wasn't sure what he was doing; it was a new process for him, too. 

I didn't think we would be working on my prints, but that made me less fear full of messing any up... It was just me. 

More work next week. He's not sure what he wants to work on, but it will be work for his upcoming art gallery show. My first show! 

Feb 7, 2012

How could I not have salt water in my veins?
They say the home is where the heart is and for most people that consists of four walls and a welcome mat. But for me... it's the ocean! The sand in between my toes and the warmth of the sun against my skin......................................

I can't wait for next season! 

Pic credits: Sven Ellirand