Jul 26, 2016

It has been too long; I haven’t written anything, except for a menu at my restaurant, in almost a year.

  I’ve loved, I’ve lost and I have found…

I originally fell in love with the sober me. But then it came to defining what is selfless and what is selfish.   Apparently I need a new dictionary.  I’ve tossed and turned, literally with this idea of my sobriety, but once a week tables turn without anyone’s fault but my own and I fall back into a temporary pit. The sad part is that I can call it only temporary and that I have to monitor it because if I don’t I’ll be in debt to my interlock company or to an Uber driver.
I knew it wasn’t going to be my one and only DUI. I not only lied to my family; I looked in the mirror, admitted to my own eyes I wasn’t done and refused to ask for help. The chaos, the corruption, the torture that I have caused others to bear and stand by me while trying to stay “awake”. … has led me to this: my story, my sequel.  If you have followed before then you will know what I’m talking about.
I was once finished with the first part of my story. I was moving on and  creating a new journey by moving out to Arizona. I had been given some great insight to where that part of my story could wrap up but with out an end. “ There can always be a sequel.”  This photographer gave me the confidence to keep going.
Well, I never ‘wrapped’ it up. I never had it officially published. But I will continue.

And He Has A Lot To Do With The Next Few Chapters!
 I Love You!