Apr 21, 2010


Cut my wrist, I'll learn to die
I'll say a prayer and learn to fly
All I ask is to take me away from this place
Wrap my body in lavender lace
Send my ashes off to sea
     and let my body lay with thee
Even if it's my heartbeat that you'll seek
My spirit will always be
You'll find me in someone
    Even if it's in the rising sun
Just look hard enough and you will find 
    something that's greater than mine
We never leave, we are always here
Keep me in your dreams 
And I'll always be near
Even if you wish me away, I will lay there with you
When the sun falls upon your eyes...
Through that wonder of a window...I'll be gone
The absence of you is spoken in every love song
Sirens scream, as they reach my street
Those sirens will be for me...sooner than late 
My heart has been lost within fate
Every place. Every song.
     Every photograph haunts me...I can't go on
Life's left in ruins
Unless, to my heart, you'll find the key... 

Just let me rest in peace.

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