Apr 30, 2010

Something I wrote five years ago!!!

'Everybody feels comfortable in their own skin. They are more likely to do; anything, if no one's around judging them. I feel that everyone should act as though no one's watching; no body's judging you. Do not worry about what others think. Act as you want and feel comfortable, people can't judge happiness. Do what makes you happy. Live the moment.'
~completely relates to what I have been dealing with in these past few months; Don't comment on my life with your negativity. Just because you watched me grow up, or had grown up with me doesn't mean that you know me now. The only response to my work I will respect is that of positivity from those I love. And if you love me, you will love what I do.

~Odd. I came across this while reminiscing through some old school projects, with my grandparents. This little saying I conjured up was for a book which consisted of sayings for photographs that I had taken. I had passed my history class...through photography!? Maybe I am supposed to pursue this more than I have been lately.

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