Apr 13, 2010

short but sweet

Bi-polar and I needed to get out of the cold mountains and hit the Desert for a night. We found a cheap but nice hotel in Palm Springs. She ended up on her phone most of the night talking or more like fighting with her boyfriend. After her last phone call for the night, her mood went from happy&fun to sad&depressed instantly! (Hince the name) So we went out for drinks to unwind. We decided to walk and find a close bar rather than drive...those two don't mix well for me at all! We ended up not drinking much...I should have driven. The walk home was filled with anoying honks and drive-by's, wanting to give us 'a lift home'. The bar scene was basically the same; led us to leave early in the night. This was not the diversion I was looking for! The desert is filled with more creeps than I had imagined. 


The next morning was more peaceful. Breakfast by the pool, catched a much needed tanning session and headed to the mall. FINALLY!!!

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