Apr 30, 2010

Another car crash on HWY 243

"My Boss" was on his way home last night from work and decided to take the more dangerous side of the mountain to get to the freeway. He lives somewhere in LA and commutes everyday! Usually I'm at work  and he asks me for my opinion depending on the weather...He drives hella fast and doesn't take the wet roads into consideration...Obviously! So he took the HWY to banning. OK...so about twenty miles down he slips out and crashes off the road. I got a phone call today asking if I was ready to serve...HELL YEAH!!! He's in the hospital with six broken ribs,a  broken leg and a punctured lung. Bad for him...but sooo good for me. I'm barely making my car payments, and now i have all these hours on top of  finally being able to serve!  Thank You Universe...Everything always seems to work itself out! Live in the moment; Be Happy; Love All.

Get well Justin, my prayers are with you.

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