Apr 28, 2010

Finally ready for bed at a decent hour!

My day started with ignorance in Banning. I never thought using a credit card to pay for gas  would be so difficult for the cashier! She looked at my card as if it were a calculus quiz.  Then I went over to Starbucks for a delayed caffeine fix. The menu consisted of four different types of coffee drinks! Don't get me wrong, the more simple the coffee the better, but I did expect them to have the all fifty ridiculous styles of  'their spin' on Italian coffee. I wonder what happened to this chain. ?

Then, to kill time, I went to the hot springs for a much needed tanning session before the THREE HOUR Planned Parenting App. !?!? It was the most odd doctor's office I have ever been in. There was a glass guard between the receptionist and the patient and you had to speak to her through a two way phone that was hanging on the wall....Am I in jail!?

Then to the grocery store to get dinner for the family...Parent's 26th Anniversary. 


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