Mar 31, 2010

A Few Weeks Ago...

My 'best friend' had invited me to join her and some friends to a concert in San Diego. Her husband has always been into spinning music and wanted to see what the new DJ's were spinning. OK. We walked in and the first sight was a HUGE amount of guys... she looked at me and said, "They're staring at you." I replied with, "no, at us sweetie.". She doesn't respond very well to excess attention when her husband is around. haha.? We danced and drank, not too much since we turned down 'Girls Gone Wild'. ! We got home about six in the morning and passed out with each other on the couch. I woke up@ noon to a text saying, '?'. I didn't realized I had been texting My Love 'till 5 in the morning!!! ...CRAZY FUN NIGHT!

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