Mar 23, 2010

130 pictures and 5 hours of video footage that I can't show!

My Monday night ended up with work then drinks with some co-workers after. By our second drink, one of them suggested to hit up the casino. Morongo was their first pick, we jumped in the car and headed east. My 'boss' played one of his sociology tricks and got us all a free room and complementary champagne. After a few more drinks we went down to the casino. My brother's ex and I spent our time at the bar, sobering up with water while the guys played poker. They came back to share that they had just won...$2,500!!! After another bottle of water, we met them in the room. They had more champagne, wine and dinner ready for us by the time we got to our room. Mmmm. After dinner, we were invited to another room for shots! geh. By three in the morning, my brother's ex announced she wanted to take a bath...but not with out me!? OK. That's when the video camera came out and I pulled out my camera. The rest of the night was a complete blur! So this morning, while waking up to coffee and cigarettes, we pulled out our captured memories of the night. OMG!!! At one point one of my co-workers scanned the room and said, "So, where's the rooster and the tiger?" Then the other replied with, "I hope there's not a baby in the cabinet!" Ah!

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