Dec 6, 2009

This friendship grew from hate. He was the most horrible roommate ever. Never cleaned up, left clothes in the washer, rent was always late, and he kept me up 'till all hours of the night with the sounds from his many one-night-stands. We became closer when we both fell out of our relationship attachments, and when he moved out. lol. Now we spend most, of these small town's drunken, nights together.

This guy has been through a lot and he's still paying for most of his mistakes from his teenage life style. Not to say he's perfect now...nobody is, but even after knowing him so well he still seems to surprise me.

He got this tat a few months ago, even though many tried to talk him out of it. It's not the saying I don't agree with, it's the body placement. Life's To Short.
Since the tattoo, all the shots I get from him are with his head tilted back to show off his neckwork. BUMMER!!!

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