Dec 1, 2009

...Life Was Good

I hope, for nothing more than,that this next year will bring more joy. Life has been nothing but difficult...Universe!?...This is NOT what I want. Or is it? If anything, I'm thankful for the situations I was put in and the people who graced me with their presence. I'm thankful for my perfectly rounded bubble to be popped. I'm thankful for this growth in my life. I Lost my first car. Only to receive a cute new Jetta that I can barely afford. Reasoning being; I lost my amazing of an income job. Then to find myself trying to salvage the friendship and passion of what now seems to be a one way relationship. All for what? What I lost is not what I was aiming for. "Aim Better"...Hah!. He was there, for all of it. Amazing friend. Made me into a new person. No matter where life takes us, I'll love him always.

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