Dec 24, 2009

Drama seems to find me in the worst of times

My night started out fine. Went to see my love, with a promise of meeting up after work. then I went home to some family friends with a bottle of wine to cheers my "happy 21st". Only enjoyed one glass...they like to drink. Soon after I got a text from a girl that I had met through my love(why do i get all 'my girls' from your collection...could make for some gooooood pics!. You game?)!?!...Am I just as consumable? Anyways, while I was waiting for him to get off. ....WORK! I drove to her house. My brother showed and soon after I hear another knock at the door. Who could it be, out of everyone, my drunken enemy passes through the door way. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE A GOOD NIGHT! He decides he wants to talk, brings up our dog. FUCK YOU. I realize 1/4 into the conversation that he's already drunk. SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!!!! so everyone notices that I'm uncomfortable and they wont let me drive home so they make him leave.At one point I tried to encourage him to leave and a friend remarked on the way I was speaking towards him..."YOU TALK TO HIM LIKE HE'S A DOG!".LMFAO. I then snuck out the back and peeled out towards town. I waited by his door step,not long enough, obviously! by this time I look down at my phone and realize spending important time with my love was missed.

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