Dec 1, 2009

Life was good! I have yet to regret any moment of it. But, life changes and with the people in it.This was one of the best nights of my life... One of the many, many, many he gave me. This beautiful soul came into my life unexpectedly one day at work. Of all places!!! I remember, years ago, walking by his other job. He'd be outside getting his nicotine fix, and found myself thinking...He is so gorgeous, I'd never be so lucky to have him in my life. It's odd how that works. The energy you put out into the universe seems to acknowledge your wants. Why does it take so long, though? ...Back to the beginning... He brings the best of life out in me. I was miserable with the loss of my young love, yet every moment with him brought out the most enormous smile; on my face and in my heart. This beautiful night started with his car breaking down and my new desire for seafood. We drove to the beach, had a lingering dinner in between sweet kisses, and walked down to the beach. The walk was short, yet so beautiful. His lips to mine are pure Ecstasy.After multiple memorable months...Come to find out, he hid his whole beautiful world from me. It's not that he lied, because I never asked the right questions?...Is that really how it works? Why he's letting me in now is unsure. Check SpellingOur friendship and passion in life at this point are indescribable...enjoyable love.

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