Dec 1, 2009

Beautiful December

Always Loved This Color On Me... Except for now. I want, nothing more than, to take a hot bath and never get out. One problem... it gets cold and then your forced to leave this beautiful pool of comfort; life's just the same. You want what you can't have and then the second you get it you don't seem to want it anymore. It's the beautiful game that all seem to play. When do we decide to give up this childhood scenario and just live?...Never. Life's a game, we all choose to play. With this new life of mine, I'm learning how to play this fun game. There's only one problem, my heart becomes attacked. I'm purely human. Can't seem to help myself, but to fall. Falling for all the wrong reasons at that! I had always had a significant other in my life. Since I was in kindergarten, there was always someone there...What did I know then?...Nothing about true feelings! But it always seemed important to have that special someone in my life.I decided to spend the best years of growing with one complex soul for five years. He's still here, in more ways than necessary at this point, that's the complicated part. This makes saying "goodbye" to him every other month more and more difficult. The end was... first it was fun, I was free to do what I wanted for a change, until my heart was attacked...Again! I've never been so alone 'till now.

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