Dec 1, 2009

For the first time I feel tired at ten o'clock. I usually spend my nights awake and days asleep. I miss the beautiful days, but the nights are more...magical. So much life goes on at night. Except here. The entire town dies, yet the lights stay on!? Waste.
This is how it usually starts in my life. Happily drunk?...No such thing. Getting there is fun, but once you are there it seems to roll over and bite you in the ass, or the thigh. We spent our evenings drinking, our nights fighting, and our mornings with love making...No pictures, he has erased all of them!...?I found myself capturing beautiful pictures with someone I love, only to find him not respecting the truth. He has his own bubble. I don't think he'll ever let it break. He still lives in his innocent little world..Except when he's drunk. And come daylight, he finds himself living in apologies. Why apologize?...Everything happens for a reason. Oddly I came to find myself in the presence of someone who does enjoy the face of the human animal. Even though I knew him, it took me quite some time to find him. This came to be the best wait, to it's entirety.

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