May 4, 2010

My Dad has referenced Avatar with the Bible! LMFAO...well at least he's becoming more open minded. 

"If Adam did not eat the apple, would we still be running with the wild animals, would we still be naked; enjoying the PURITY that we became fortunate upon?"   "I think the human race could learn a lot from this movie. We take and take but when do we ever give back?"  

~Would we still be one with the earth?

His take on the movie took me by shock! He has always been a Bible Notzie and barely takes evolution into consideration. He also referenced the closeness of earth that  the Native Americans lived by; which the Europeans stole from them, and in part  turned them into money grieving thieves.

Some people live in this 'sacred world' of the bible, but I honestly doubt that they are truly reading into it! We are blessed with this human form to spread the word...The creatures who are  less fortunate to speak are here to portray it.

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