May 26, 2010

Besides the early cumulus clouds that have been rolling in every afternoon, the fire ruined my tanning session at the grotto. Bi-Polar and I hiked down far enough to avoid having to have tan lines. We were only able to stay for about 20min. ! The smoke started to engulf the canyon and ashes fell like raindrops. We hiked up, but couldn't tell where the fire was located,  so we drove out to the point. The tiny road that leads out there was covered with cars like tiny ants on a piece of fruit. I was the only one out there with a camera. A little fire had started on the corner of Batista and Fareview. I listened to the radio scanner that one guy had; he had been communicating with a firefighter that was stationed out there. I have to question his place and information that he had been receiving..He wasn't in uniform!?... of now.

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