Jun 11, 2010

"I miss you."

I keep receiving these messages and wonder, why?.  Why can you tell me you miss me without showing me? 

And then I thought about it...OMG, I've been sending this same message to Him. I always thought it truly meant something till now.

He's taught me so much about life, some what in disguise...maybe because I've chosen not to listen; until now. I truly do miss what we had and I hope, still to this day, for more adventures to come. I've never felt so lost without him. He makes me feel complete...Well, until he is accomplishing something and then I'm pushed aside. This feeling is so difficult to understand.  At one moment I appreciate everything he is and what he is doing and then the next I feel left out; second rate; pushed aside-for the night or just for the summer. Either way, this is the most tough feeling to try to handle rationally by far.

1 comment:

  1. You're supposed to be doing it WITH me. I'm tired of having conversations with you in my fucking head, because you are no where to be found! You've pushed yourSELF aside, for your own selfish reasons, that make no sense to me if you don't communicate them. This is what I've been reduced to:

    1) Your texts make me feel like shit.

    2) Your blog doesn't make any sense because you refuse to allow me any time, or let me know what's going on. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?