Jun 6, 2010

Hell's Kitchen

My day started out with dropping a salt container. I've never been superstitious, but as my day unraveled I may have just changed my view. I waited on a party of seven...only put six orders through! FUCK!!! Court 'reasured me'.

"It will be OK, Brian has threatened to  fire Justin,too."
~Yeah, that makes me feel better!!! 'my boss' & Sous Chef kinda made me feel better, but I won't feel better until Brian starts to talk to me again.

It was incredibly slow, but I was sent home early when 'my boss' was supposed to be the first one off.

I have been officially shunned.


  1. thats it? you threw me away for that?

  2. this guy is intence!I'm wlking on eggshells now. It's the worst feeling to knw ur only source of income is hanging by a very thin string! do realize how hard it would be to get another good job if fired frm two respected places w/in the same year span !!!?