Jun 9, 2010

I know it's silly...

I have a lot to learn and live through to experience what most are already trying to tell me. But if you know me, well  then you already know that I do not listen very well. I would rather live and experience through my own mistakes and happenings than avoid them and never experience them at all. 

I'd rather be in a monogamous relationship, filled with love trust and accomplishing something together, and know that it may or may not end in a few years, rather than in a 'partnership relationship' that keeps me guessing every night towards everyday; will he be home tonight? what are his plans for tomorrow? who will he bring home next? 

These questions only exist in a sane mind, right!? Especially if you're in love and give your entire world up for this one special soul. 

You're not trying to make it about sex, but they are...they aren't there for the pictures... and you continue to let them. ~well, most of them~


  1. 'partnership relationship' is an oxy moron. the qustions you present are irrational ones, when you are capable of basic human communication.

    no one is making anything about sex or relationships anymore, except for you. you clearly cant get over yourself. i am allowed to have friends.

  2. Texting is not basic human communication!

  3. Again, the important part always seems to elude you. "Will he be there" is not a rational question. He will always be there, unless you give him a reason not to.

    A rational statement, that you responded to with how you feel about the only thing you've given HIM for over a month..... texting. Was that an affirmation?