Feb 25, 2010

My feet still tingle, same feeling as when a body part falls asleep. I cant feel my toes. Nerve damage for sure. I was in the snow melt for too long. Bruises everywhere, but the heartache has surly caused more damage to myself. My doctor said if it had been for any longer I may have had them amputated!(that may be why I couldn't walk!!!) WTF was I doing!? Now I'm on meds and a physical therapy regiment. ...THE WORST PART; rehab is in question! I just turned 21 and obviously I haven't learned much from last year's experience. Rehab? Seriously? ... That may be for the best, but expensive, degrading and would put me back for months. I feel that there are many more people out there who need help, not me! Not me!?...If I haven't helped myself from past experiences, should I get help from someone else?

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