Apr 20, 2014

       My view of  boundaries have changed significantly  the past few months. I used to think  of setting boundaries as pushing people out of your life~ completely. It meant to lose somebody. That is always what happened when I set them. I put limitations on friendship because that was what they were-friends. And they disappeared. They took it personally. I lost.
       If I set boundaries with you it doesn't mean I don't want you in my life at all. When I figured this I stopped putting forth boundaries. I didn't want to lose a friend. I got hurt. I was used and abandoned… again where is the friendship?  I still find that I'm giving myself emotionally with no expectations in return satisfaction.

  ~ I have no expectations. I receive more. ~

      My new view of the boundary system is quite simplistic. They are set in place for inner worth; self respect. If you can’t be just my friend then find your self gratification elsewhere. It feels empowering to be at level of comfort with myself to not care anymore if you are part of my story or not. I can live with out because for once in my life I’m okay with  just living with me.
I do care about your feelings. Be honest, mostly with yourself, and everything will happen just the way it is supposed to happen.

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