Apr 14, 2014

So this could be my new back yard!? ... I'm fighting staying in Prescott over going back to Cali. I'm all up for suggestions. What I was doing before wasn't working. Now I'm working on me.

 I've been working on me and only me for the past five months and I've barely scratched the surface. I know what I want in life~ I know the self center egotistical Jess is still very much alive and breathing. And now I'm bringing to life the renovated Jess. The Jess my friends and family haven't seen in a decade... or for some have never even met. The feeling of getting comfortable with myself is nerve racking. I've spent the last half of my life hiding behind others. I've always been Chris' little sister or Sean's girlfriend or the famous for Idy, " Theresa's your mom!?". Growing up in a small town kind of does that to you or for you. Then those people faded away when I grew older and I did create a name for myself... And not one I'd like to keep. 

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